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Powerstax specialises in the design and manufacture of AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies including DC-DC converters, transformer rectifiers, configurable, modular and bulk power switched mode power supplies (SMPS). In addition we provide value-added and complete custom power supply solutions for a wide range of markets including defence, medical, electro-chlorination, cathodic protection, aerospace, fuel cells, oil and gas and others.

The extensive experience of the engineering team in power (including thermal, mechanical and EMC/EMI) design along with our advanced development lab and CAD tools allows the rapid design and realisation of custom power supply solutions from several watts to kilowatts.

We are often able to offer a custom solution for lower volumes than other suppliers due to the ‘Value Added’ approach we use which bases the final product on our field-proven and patented brick technology. This also leads to the provision of a solution on a quick timescale and with minimal NRE charges.

If you’re looking for something ‘out of the ordinary’ let Powerstax solve your problem.

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